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We follow a very honest and ethical approach in our business policies. We also aim to manufacture our products with maximum purity following a transparent approach. Our company has been involved in the manufacturing business of graphite for a very long period of time. In the next few years we shall surely achieve our target of becoming one of the leading suppliers of materials in the graphite mining industry.

Details about Directors

Director Says
MAYA SARAF Chairman,Skamord Mining

Maya, who belongs to a prominent business family, has vast experience in running the family...

Director Says
RAMAKANT SARAFMentor and Co-Founder

After an illustrious two-decade long journey with Hindustan Motors, Mr. Ramakant Saraf....

Director Says

Noorjahan Muhammad hails from a prominent business family. She is the mentor....

Director Says
SUPRATIM CHOWDHURYChief-Operating officer

Supratim Choudhury manages the administrative functioning of the Group. An architect....